Thanks for your interest in raising money for the Theatre Support Fund+, we get a lot of requests for fundraising as such we’re unable to reply to every message but we are very grateful for every contribution.

Below you will find a handy guide so that you get involved!

How To Donate

The easiest way to donate money is through our Donation Page 

We’re only able to accept whole donation amounts at present.

Who Are We?

You can find out more about the Theatre Support Fund+, who we support and how the funds raised are distributed on our About Us Page.

Campaign Images / Logos

Here is a selection of images that you can use as part of of your artwork or campaign. We ask that you do keep these images in their original ratios.

Link To Images

Thank you for taking the time to fundraise for us! Every penny raised will go to helping those in the theatre community who have faced financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Theatre Support Fund+ Team 

Image Credit - Scott Bird made for the 2020 West End Bake Off